Listen up, guys. Whether you’re boys or girls, I have a story for you:

How would you react if, overnight, you mum had completely erased you from her memory? If your dad thought you were an assassin and your sister thought you were a ghost? If, all around you, the world fell apart without warning and you didn’t know who to turn to for help?

That would never happen to you, you would say. IM-POS-SI-BLE. You know your family, the people you love. You trust them. They live by your side, day after day, week after week, true to themselves and their little habits.

A whole family which, all at once, with no warning, doesn’t recognise you or thinks you are someone else? Why even take the time to image such a strange thing? The question makes no sense, right?

Don’t be so sure, guys, don’t be so sure.

In my case, the question took all its meaning – a really twisted meaning – on the last Friday of last year’s summer holidays, just before school started. That day, aged thirteen years and eleven days, I lived the most extraordinary and incredible adventure (misadventure, rather) there ever was. Nevertheless, I swear – my hand on my most sacred book – that everything I’m about to tell you happened to me, from the first capital letter to the final ellipsis, or my name isn’t Gabriel.

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All rights reserved
(C) 2015-16 Jérémie Cassiopée

Illustration: Marzena Pereida Piwowar

Translation from the original French: Emilie Watson-Couture and the author.

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